Welcome to the 2015 Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference!

The largest veterinary conference in the Australasian region

Presented by The Australian Veterinary Association & New Zealand Veterinary Association

For more details, and to book a place, check out the main conference web site: conference.ava.com.au

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Janice Lloyd

Dr Janice Lloyd is a Glaswegian who has worked in various aspects of health and behaviour in several veterinary schools around the world. Janice is currently a senior lecturer at James Cook University and teaches behaviour, welfare and ethics in all 5 years of the undergraduate veterinary science degree program. Her research interests are human-animal relationships with a focus on service dogs, companion animal behaviour problems, and environmental enrichment in captive aquatic animals. Janice lives in tropical north Queensland with her husband, Richard, and a cat, Georgie, and enjoys a variety of often alarming wildlife that live with them.